What is Snoring?

Snoring is understood to be any kind of resonant sound that emanates from breathing while sleeping. The crux of the snore is where the mouth and nasal passages meet; this is the point where breathing during sleep causes vibration; otherwise known as snoring. This vibration is due to constricted breathing passages. As tight breathing passages are responsible for snoring, it should also be understood that the more pinched these passages are, the louder and more disruptive the snoring will be.

The reason snoring only occurs while slumbering is because the body is in a prone position in a relaxed state. The airway consists of tissues that operate in a similar method to muscles. When a person sleeps, these tissues become somewhat flaccid; so when lying down this tissue literally blocks the breathing passage causing the sleeper to breath with difficulty, resulting in more forceful breathing which then equates to snoring.

What Factors into How Loud a Person Snores?

Every person is unique in their composition and physical make up. This affects why some people snore at a very loud volume. Included as part of snoring the tone and pitch; basically we all have the same parts yet we all have our own uniquely identifiable voice, this is true for snoring as well.

How loud an individual may snore depends on the various factors involved in the process. Because there is basically a flap of tissue closing off the airway we need to breathe, breathing becomes more labored and aggressive to supply our lungs, body and brain with oxygen; snoring is an audible sign that the body is fighting for air. This is an issue that can affect just about anyone, even babies.

The smaller the passages involved with breathing are during sleep, the more forceful the body will become in an effort to get the air it needs, thusly the tissue blocking the airway will vibrate in proportion to the force needed to get the vital oxygen our body is being deprived of. This is how a snore becomes so loud.

Men Snore the Most

Generally speaking, men do most of the snoring that goes on in the world. This has to do again, with the physical composition of the male body; in this case, the neck, which is typically thicker. Because the male neck is more often fleshier in nature, there is more tissue substance found within. Obviously, the more tissue there is in the neck and surrounding the breathing passages, the greater the likelihood of bombastic snoring.
Women have a natural defense to snoring in the form of Progesterone. Granted, there are woman who snore just a loud and violently as men, and even more so in some cases, but it is simply not as common as it is with males. Progesterone is used as a form of therapy for men who suffer from snoring.

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