The Emotional Aspects of Snoring

Snoring does not affect the person who is actually snoring alone. Anyone close to a person who snores with any degree of severity understands this fact. How snoring affects the people around a person who snores is just as serious as the health risks involved. A person, who snores loudly; meaning as loud a running motorcycle or some other internal combustion device, can keep their partner from sleeping. A loud snorer can disrupt the whole house through the course of the night, every night.

This should begin to expose the vast area of problems that can arise due to snoring. A person who sleeps with someone who snores, or maybe shares the same room, or shares a wall between rooms, even so far as to be in the same building knows that trying to get a full night of deep, restful sleep is an exercise in futility. There is a lot of frustration involved with situations like these because the person snoring may be unaware of it, or believe there is nothing that can be done for it. Snoring can come with a costly emotional price tag; the following are few examples of emotional disturbances resulting from snoring:

• Loss of sleep can cause depression or anxiety
• Break up of relationships, including marriages
• Eviction from dwelling for bothering tenants
• Clashing living partners or neighbors due to sleep disruption
• Poor performance at work leading to unemployment due to lack of sleep
• Short term and long term memory issues from lack of sleep
• Lack of compassion from those affected by snoring

These are but a few of the many emotional problems that are part and parcel of snoring. The effects of snoring are very far reaching and destructive to those subject to them. 14
Beneath the surface of each of these emotional states are the mental states associated to the person who snores and the person who has to deal with it. A few of the emotional states caused from snoring follow:

• Exhaustion
• Frustration
• Resentment
• Anger
• Helplessness
• Anguish
• Desperation
• Low self esteem
• Confusion

It is not hard to see how lack sleep can affect ones demeanor, especially if it the loss of sleep is du to someone else’s snoring. One can quickly lose empathy for a person who snores when they are the on being kept up. So how can the snoring issue be solved? There are different schools of thought and many approaches to alleviating snoring which will be discussed shortly, but first the surgical approach will be addressed and why it should not be the first choice.

Source: Quit Snoring Now – Recommended Anti Snoring Solutions. Author: Jessica Konn

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