7 Tips to Stop Snoring without Surgery

Snoring Appliances
Snoring appliances are applied inside the mouth to directly influence or affect the components of the mouth to eliminate snoring. These work to manipulate the tongue, jaw and palate in some combination to stop snoring and provide better rest.

Oral Appliances
These sets of tools are often designed by medical and dental professionals to help with the snoring dilemma. They have different names such as The Equalizer™ and The Silencer™. By influencing the parts of the mouth these devices affect three basic properties to eliminate snoring; they are:

• Keeping the mouth closed so that a person may not snore by making the trachea vibrate.
• Positioning the jaw in a forward placement to keep the tongue from sliding back and blocking the airway.
• Opening the airway as much as possible to ease breathing and prevent snoring.

Tongue Retaining Appliances
This style of appliance specifically targets the tongue. The effect of this appliance keeps the tongue forward by using suction to train the tongue not to lay back over the airway. This increases airflow making it easier to breathe and preventing the vibration that causes snoring. A tongue retainer is for people who cannot or will not sleep on their side, and although a tongue retainer may be less than comfortable, it is a highly effective option.

Mandibular Advancement Appliances
Shortened to MAA, this is a splint style of appliance that are basically like a mouth guard used in sports. This keeps the jaw locked in a position that keeps it from moving back and creating an obstruction that leads to snoring. These must be custom molded by a dental professional and may be somewhat costly but are a great way to stop snoring.

Thronton Adjustable Positioners
The Silencer™ is a popular example of this kind of device, which was created by Dr. Thronton in the 1990’s. This is an expensive option, but for a reason; it is adjustable and is sometimes crafted from titanium. These are often referred to as TAPs, and are similar in nature to MAAs in that they move the jaw forward in order to keep the airway open and prevent snoring.

Palate Lifters
Also known as lip shields, or lip lifters, this appliance augments the palate to keep from vibrating and causing a person to snore. This is an option to consider, although there has yet to be a resolute opinion in the efficiency of this type of appliance.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
This appliance is designed to tackle Sleep Apnea specifically. It works similar to an oxygen mask. The mask is worn on the face, or over the nose and keeps what is called positive pressure in the airway which prevents the collapse of tissue and eases breathing to the point of controlling ones blood pressure while asleep.

Source: Quit Snoring Now – Recommended Anti Snoring Solutions. Author: Jessica Konn

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