Snoring Therapy Alternatives

Here are some other approaches one can try when dealing with snoring; these have been around for some time because of how successful they have been in combating snoring.

A warm drink before bed; herbal tea can really help alleviate snoring.

Relaxation techniques to calm the mind and practice breathing techniques like Tai Chi and Yoga have been of great benefit to many snorers. Other forms of relaxation include meditation and massage, or even just soothing music.

Homeopathic medicines offer many ways to deal with snoring too. Homeopathic alternatives look to achieve the same end result in different ways, such as dissolving blockages in the nose and throat or lubrication with natural products.

Magnetic therapy is popular in china and can help ameliorate snoring by affecting the nerves found in the nose. Magnets can be put all over the body to achieve results that improve issues with snoring. This applies even to weight loss which can in turn affect snoring.

Even hypnosis has been used to help control snoring by some, although many are skeptical of this practice as it is not a recognized successful solution to snoring.

Other more “alternative” therapies are based on light and color, or in other circumstances gems and crystals as sources of healing power. These latter examples have yet to be established as effective by science or medicine, but the power of belief can be enough to produce the placebo effect. So as long as the end result is the cessation of snoring, any means can be tried and tested to see if they work for a given individual.

 Source: Quit Snoring Now – Recommended Anti Snoring Solutions. Author: Jessica Konn

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