Snoring: Causes and Amplifiers

As we have already discussed, snoring is a symptom of something else. This symptom manifests in the form of a sound that comes from the inability to breathe easily during sleep. So what causes this trouble? The tissues involved with breathing are not the sole culprit for this bothersome problem. These factors are not gender specific; these are issues that affect men and women, although there are roughly twice as many male snorers as there are females who snore. Snoring factors have to do with our health and our lifestyle; these factors come in many combinations and include the following:

• Allergies commonly affect breathing
• Allergy medicines dehydrate the normally moist sinus passages
• Illness such as a cold or influenza also cause labored breathing
• Tissue scarring from surgery on the nasal passage
• General thickness of tissues found within the sinuses
• Nasal spray abuse agitates the sinuses and airway
• Snorting controlled substances
• Oversized tonsils and/or adenoids
• Goiter, a swollen thyroid gland
• Oversized tongue
• Obesity results in thickness of the neck and soft tissues
• Oversized stomach
• Consumption of alcohol
• Smoking
• Ageing

Some of these issues affect men more than women, like excessive girth of the stomach region. This is believed to part of the reason men in general experience more issue with snoring than women.
Also, controlled substances; prescribed, available over the counter, or illegal are associated with side effects that lead to snoring such as drying the sinuses and relaxing the tissues at the back of the throat and air passages.

We have looked over that snoring is and broken down the physical process. We have also gone over the many issues that can affect and cause snoring, so we must now look deeper in to the issue to discover the truly deleterious effect snoring can have on a person’s wellbeing.

 Source: Quit Snoring Now – Recommended Anti Snoring Solutions. Author: Jessica Konn

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