Snoring and Surgery

Living in the twenty first century affords wonderful advances in medicine and surgery. Snoring is something that has plagued mankind since time immemorial.  A person who snores in this day and age does is lucky in the sense that the impact of snoring is really starting to be understood.  Before taking any approach to stop snoring, take advantage of what the medical community has to offer; find out why you are snoring.  Knowing the root cause behind a snore will help to point you in the right direction as to how to eliminate or mitigate the snore as much as possible. Available options for relief can include allergy medicine up to surgery, although surgery for snoring is rarely if ever the best choice.

Snoring Does Not Equal Surgery Surgery is often the considered to be the ultimate remedy to many of life’s problems. This does not always apply to snoring. In fact, the nature of surgery and snoring do not really go too well together. Surgery should be considered as the very last resort for several reasons. There are risks involved with any surgical process, and in many cases these risks are outweighed by the benefits; but this is usually the case where there are few if any other options to taking care of a problem that is affecting a person’s health and well being.

Snoring Surgery Surgery is an exploratory process. The very nature of what surgery is seems somewhat counterproductive to solving something like snoring, especially when there are other methods to address the issue that are much less invasive and can be just as successful. Surgery causes scarring, and because it is an exploratory process, there is no way to know what a doctor is going to encounter until they are in the process of cutting and opening up the patient. Surgery can often be the actual cause of snoring after going through a procedure such as rhinoplasty.

The truth is that surgeries performed in an effort to resolve issues with snoring have not always yielded the desired result for a large percentage of people who have had it. Surgery for snoring is not a common process, and is not as reliable as some surgical procedures that are performed on a regular basis. Because snoring is the result of tissue blocking the air passage, the surgical answer is to remove any excess tissue that may be causing the blockage.

For certain people, this may be a reasonable and acceptable answer to their snoring problem, but this is most definitely not the case for the majority of people who snore.

Keep in mind that snoring is not always the source of the problem; snoring is more often, if not most often a symptom of something else in the body. The cause of an individuals snoring issue is going to be unique and distinct to each person, therefore, there is not one simple cure-all remedy to take care of every persons snoring problem. The following page contains an example of the complexity involved with snoring and how surgery does not always address the root cause.

Source: Quit Snoring Now – Recommended Anti Snoring Solutions. Author: Jessica Konn

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