Non-Surgical Solutions to Snoring

Having already gone over the surgical aspects of snoring, the risks and procedures; we now turn our attention to the more common approaches to dealing with snoring. The non-surgical options for resolution of snoring can be broken down into different types of approaches: medicines, devices and appliances, changes in lifestyle concerning diet and exercise, sleeping habits and alternative forms of therapy for snoring. Any of these can be implemented with success depending on the root cause of the snoring, and knowing what that root cause is. This may require a combination approach, and will definitely require observation of the effects of these measures on the snoring issue itself in order to estimate how much relief results.

Medicinal Solutions
In many cases, prescribed medicines can provide a way out of the snoring nightmare. Drugs are prescribed to achieve relief from snoring by accomplishing these tasks:

• Unfurl the nasal airway
• Energize breathing
• Counteract deep R.E.M. sleep (Rapid Eye Movement)

R.E.M. sleep is an integral part of sleep. It is the deep state of sleep in which the body recoups vitality and allows the mind to stay sharp and healthy. The effect of these snore related drugs is to limit the depths to which the body can relax when in this state so as to keep the throat from relaxing too much and keeping the air passage open and free of obstruction thus leading to relief from snoring. Basically these medicines have the opposite effect of what happens when someone takes a sedative or has too much to drink. These things relax a person more than usual and can exacerbate an existing snoring problem, or cause a person who does not normally snore to do so.

There are over the counter drugs available from pharmacies intended specifically to clear nasal sinuses and air passages. These drugs are meant to treat cold or flu symptoms, but are also useful to snorers for the decongestive and antihistamine properties contained therein. Saline sprays, because they are sold in pharmacies as well are considered part of the same group. These sprays are not controlled substances, buy merely salt water used to keep sinuses and other tissues surrounding the air passages moist in an effort to reduce or eliminate vibration and thusly snoring.

Source: Quit Snoring Now – Recommended Anti Snoring Solutions. Author: Jessica Konn

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