Devices for Snoring

There are a number of devices out there to help people cope with their snoring. These items start with very basic items and go to the very complex. Most of these can be acquired at your local drugstore, on the internet and by catalogue. The most popular and effective anti-snore items follow.

The Sandler Pillow
Named after the inventor of this type of pillow, this device is designed to eliminate snoring by obliging the sleeper to sleep on their side. This often promotes a closed mouth while sleeping and helps to minimize vibration and thereby cancels out any snoring.

The Snore Ball
Since its invention in the early 1900’s this effective device has helped countless people to stop snoring by sleeping on their side. The snore ball is inserted in a pouch located on the back of a set of pajamas. When the sleeper goes to roll onto their back from sleeping on their side, the device makes this very uncomfortable, so the sleeper will resume the side sleeping position rather than sleeping on their back which is when most people snore. The snore ball can be any kind of ball that will create enough discomfort to keep one from sleeping on their back. Over time a habit is formed making the ball unnecessary.

Sleep Position Monitor
This electronic device basically accomplishes the same goal in a different manner. Instead of creating physical discomfort when a person lies on their back, which is when snoring occurs, the sleep position monitor starts to beep when the sleeper lies on their back. The beeping can be disturbing to others, but the point is that this device helps establish new sleeping behaviors. Anyone who has suffered a person snoring can deal with a little beeping until the problem is resolved. By learning a better way to sleep, the person will stop snoring and the beeping will not be an issue over time. Eventually the sleep position monitor may not be necessary either.

Nasal Strips
This is a simple yet highly effective device that has become popular for many people. The concept is basic, open up the nostrils to make breathing easier. The device consists of a springy plastic strip combined with and adhesive material. The strip is put on at bedtime and taken off in the morning. The strips are so effective in maximizing breathing through the nose that they are used by many players of different sports. This is an over the counter remedy that anyone can use because there is absolutely no medicine involved. Even non snorers are using them to get better more restful sleep by breathing easier and recharging their body with more oxygen.

Nasal Dilators
Nasal dilators offer the same relief of opening up the nostrils to ease breathing, but take a slightly different approach than the nasal strips. This kind of device is actually a coil made of steel or plastic placed into the nostrils when going to sleep. The effect is easier breathing, less snoring.

Throat Sprays
This is another way to combat snoring. A simple spray to the back of the throat keeps the tissues well lubed in order to reduce or eliminate vibration. This is similar to a saline spray, the difference is what the spray consists of which in this case are specialized oils, not just salt water. Throat sprays are another form of simple, inexpensive, yet effective of combating snoring when used properly. Overuse of throat sprays can irritate the throat and then actually cause snoring. If an over the counter spray is not good enough, a doctor can prescribe a more effective version of the same implement.

Snore Stopper
The snore stopper is a device that provides a negative association with snoring to make the person sleeping stop snoring. The device can be worn on the arm or the wrist and whenever snoring is detected the device gives the sleeper a small jolt of electricity to get them to stop. Another version actually causes the tongue muscles to tense which opens the airway making it easier to breathe and hence stop snoring.

Source: Quit Snoring Now – Recommended Anti Snoring Solutions. Author: Jessica Konn

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